Hi and welcome to the first Blog for BubbaLog. This first Blog will talk about how BubbaLog started.

When my first little person was born (I have two, not so little people now), he had colic and reflux. This is a nightmare for any parent, if you know someone living with this – please help them, if you are living with it yourself – please let people help you.

Within a couple of weeks of welcoming our gorgeous little boy into the world he was on medication for the reflux. By six weeks a colic diagnosis was added to the mix.

For anyone who hasn’t been through this, it is awful. For us, our baby cried a lot, had trouble feeding and trouble sleeping, this lead to more crying (from both our baby and us as parents) and everyone feeling pretty useless.

I will share some of the things we did in a later post, but I will never provide advice, I can just let you know what we tried. Every baby is different and every parent has different thoughts on what will / won’t work. In the end, the first year for us was about survival, before the end of that first year, we were expecting another baby.

Back to the early days. I was so tired, and not the “I’ve had a tough day at work and need to put my feet up tired”, this was more like “my body and my brain have shut down from exhaustion and I can’t remember anything, let alone actually DO anything” kind of tired.

The problem with not remembering anything, when you have a baby that needs regular medication, is that there is a massive risk that the baby will either a) not receive the medication when due or b) even worse, receive more medication (overdose) due to forgetting it has already been administered.

This risk led to an abundance of calendars, sticky notes, lists and charts plastered all around our house, next to the feeding chair was a list for feeding, we had to bottle feed due to intolerances, next to the bottles, sticky notes with instructions, next to the cot was a list with when nappies were changed and what was in them (the medical professionals that were helping us needed to know this stuff) and calendars next to the fridge for the medications, among other notes. It wasn’t working, too many notes in too many places!!

I then created and printed a spreadsheet where everything was collated and this was carried around with the baby. This worked so much better. Then friends started asking for copies of my spreadsheet, it turns out a lot of people I knew were having problems keeping track as well, even with babies with no medical issues. So, I enlisted the help of a friend of mine who knows how to make things look pretty and the first version of BubbaLog was born and launched when our first baby was 4 months old.

I’m often asked how I managed it, the reality is, I was only sleeping a few hours a day as my baby needed to be held in the up-right position pretty much all the time. So I had a lot of awake hours, my brain still wasn’t really functioning, but here we are 9 years, several thousand copies and a couple of versions later and … we survived. I did things a little differently with my second baby, but that can wait until next time.