Breast-feeding: Is it always the best thing for baby?

I know this is a little controversial and before I get too far into this blog post, please note that I am an advocate for breast feeding. I believe we were built to feed our newborns and that they were designed to drink the milk.

I openly congratulate new mums, when I’m out, who are brave enough to head out into the world and feed their little people whenever and wherever the baby needs feeding and I love the sleepy look babies have when they have finished having a big gulp of breast milk.

Given this information, you might be wondering about the heading of this article. After having my first baby, I don’t believe breast-feeding is the best thing for every baby.

My first born and I had trouble getting breast feeding working. And I mean massive amounts of trouble. We couldn’t sort out the attachment properly, my baby couldn’t keep the milk down and after a severed nipple, lots of tears (both of us), months of expressing into bottles and plenty of hard times, we stopped. It wasn’t working for either of us and a very wise midwife suggested we try something different.

Breast feeding was not the best thing for my first baby and it wasn’t the best thing for me. I have no doubt that all the goodness, antibodies and other stuff that comes out naturally in breast milk was what he needed, but when I discovered my breast milk was possibly contributing to his tummy pains and vomiting, something had to change. After a lot of trial and error and access to extremely helpful medical professionals we discovered our baby was better off with goat formula.

We relied heavily on our BubbaLog while working through all of the options available to us. While breast feeding our baby, I was able to keep track of which breast I was due to feed from and how long he had been feeding on each side. When I moved onto expressing, I could keep track of how much milk I was expressing in a column in my BubbaLog and how much he was drinking from the bottle when he was feeding.

As I moved to formula feeding I was keeping track of which formula we were trying, the amount and times he was drinking and all the side effects from each one. 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. This helped to narrow down the options available to us very quickly.

These days, when I am chatting to someone who is pregnant I wish them two things: 1) that their baby comes out liking sleep and that 2) breast feeding is pain free and works well for everyone in the household.

Luckily for me, my second baby was a totally different story, she was a rock star in the breast-feeding department and we were able stick with it for a very long time. Sleep on the other hand was a different story, one that I will share in a future post.